Capri Anderson was Charlie’s girl

October 28, 2010

Capri Anderson is Charlie Sheen's hooker

The woman locked in the bathroom while Charlie Sheen destroyed a room at the Plaza in New York city this week has been identified as adult film star Capri Anderson.  The 22 year old star has also gone by the names Alexis Capri and Christina Walsh.  She was reportedly partying with Sheen and his entourage throughout the night before accompanying him back to his room at the Plaza.

Anderson who hid in Sheen’s bathroom while he went on a rumored cocaine fueled rampage called for help around 2AM.  Apparently the her fear of Charlie isn’t as serious as her feeling towards being labeled a hooker.  Her reps have come out stating that she is no way shape or form a paid working girl and that she was at the bar where Sheen was drinking.  The pair apparently hit if off and she felt a longing for the highest paid television actor in the world.  It really is a love at first sight story if you ask me.

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