Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere

July 29, 2010

Jersey Shore Season 2

Mike The Situation, Pauly D, Snookie, J-Woww, and the rest of the tanned folks from New York that people think are from New Jersey are now in Miami for the second season of The Jersey Shore.  The Miami premiere can be best described as a 45 minute commercial with fifteen minutes of actual show.  I think MTV was trying to pay for the entire season by showing 30 minutes of movie premieres during the premiere.  It destroyed and flow and fun the show could have had.  Angelina returned which led to the three other ladies of the house talk about how they wanted to kick her ass and Angelina had to confide in the guys how she doesn’t care.  The guys just wanted to go out and party and at the 50 minute mark they finally hit the cabs.  This leads to a fight between Angelina and the girls while the guys sat quietly in their cab.  Once in the club Ronnie and Sammie decide to fight about their failed relationship and the C bomb getting dropped.   Now the girls ran home while Angelina and the guys hit up BED.  The only fun part of the episode was watching a drunk Ronnie hook up with some grenades and land mines while Mike, Paulie, and Vinnie looked on and laughed.  Overall MTV ruined the premiere with constant commercials, but the preview for the rest of the season shows some serious fireworks and fight among the female members of the house….and it seems that Snookie and Vin get it on at some point.

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