Lebron James to the Heat looks done

July 8, 2010

Lebron James Miami Heat

With only 30 minutes to go before The Decision airs on ESPN and Lebron James announces that he will sign with the Miami Heat and attempt to win a title by being part of the Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh triangle.  The fact that the Heat won’t have any other players on their roster shouldn’t be a concern.  By selecting the easiest supposed path to an NBA title James will never be in the category of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, or Kobe Bryant who have all been the main guy on a team and the main reason their teams won titles.  James will join Wade’s Miami Heat, leave behind a home town fan base in Cleveland that see James as The Man, and give up the chance to win under the biggest lights in the world by not playing in New York.  The choice that would keep the good guy image going for James would be to stay home and try to win a title with the Cavs and the fans in Cleveland that are dying for a title.  He could come to New York where the last title is decades gone by and winning would put him on a level never imagined.  Instead he will punk out and go to the Heat where Wade has already taken the team to a title.  The fans in Cleveland will turn on him, New York will boo, and Miami fans will arrive late to watch the new Big Three.  If James fans to win in Miami next year with two other monsters he will never be able to be looked at as a clutch money player.  Question is, with under half hour to go, will Lebron take up the challenge of winning a title on a team that craves one or just go to South Beach where he thinks the pressure will be easier to deal with???

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