Lebron James rumored to be a Knick

July 7, 2010

Jared Dudley rumors twitterThe power of Lebron James has such a massive impact he can increase the value of stock prices.  As rumors continue to gain steam that James will be signing with the New York Knicks tomorrow the stock of his future possible employer, MSG Inc, jumped $1.30 or 6.4%.   Rumors are hitting websites across the net and Jared Dudley took to his Twitter account to add fuel to the fire.  The Phoenix Suns forward posted a Tweet saying that his sources say that James will in fact be inking a deal to join Amare Stoudemire in New York.  This will all mean nothing tomorrow when at 9PM EST Lebron James will hold what is sure to be the most watched press conference in the history of ESPN.  The event, which might seem like overkill given other elite free agents have already announced signings, but money raised from advertising sales are being donated to a charity.  As a Celtics fan watching a scary Heat team with Wade and Bosh, the Knicks with Stoudemire and James, and my Celtics with Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo makes from can’t miss NBA action!!

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