Takeru Kobayashi arrested at Coney Island

July 4, 2010

Takeru Kobayashi arrest photos

Takeru Kobayashi, the six time champion of the annual Fourth of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, didn’t compete this year, but did steal the headlines.  Leading up to the event Kobayashi had stated that due to restrictive contract stipulations that would bar him from competing in other Major League Eating events for a year in the US and Canada would cause a financial hardship as he earns all of his income from competitive eating.  He was on hand though and as he watched his rival Joey Chestnut consume a mere 54 hot dogs and buns, he set a record by consuming 68 last year.  After the event fans began to chant his name which brought him towards the stage.  He claims that when he went on stage he was just responding to the fans, but Brooklyn police didn’t feel the same way and arrested the 160 Japanese eating machine.  With Kobayashi not competing this year the contest winner was a foregone conclusion and took away some of the hype leading up to the chow down.  If Kobayashi is looking for a bright side he does still hold some competitive eating records that include eating cow brains (17.7 pounds in 15 minutes), lobster rolls (41 in 15 minutes) and rice balls (20 pounds in 30 minutes).

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