Brock Lesnar defeats Shane Carwin

July 3, 2010

Brock Lesnar defeats Shane Carwin UFC 116

UFC 116 marked the return of Brock Lesnar from diverticulitis and an opportunity to face Shane Carwin.  Lesnar, the heavyweight champion, and Carwin, the interim-champ, entered the ring with even odds in Vegas.  The first round saw Carwin rock Lesnar with an uppercut and drop him to the canvas.  Over three minutes of ground and pound left Lesnar bloodied and dazed, but still fighting.  When the fight entered the four minute mark of the first round it marked Carwin’s longest MMA fight and when the bell sounded on round one both fighters were still standing.  Round two saw a winded Carwin unable to establish anything and Lesnar took him down to the ground – a place Carwin did not want to be given his winded condition.  Everyone expected a series of hammer punches to follow once Lesnar achieved full mount, but he spun up to a triangle choke.  It took about thirty seconds for him to fully lock it in, but when he did Carwin tapped to end the match.  Once again Brock Lesnar is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the UFC.

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