Molly Hagerty speaks out against Al Gore

July 1, 2010

Molly Hagerty photos

Al Gore is making headlines for the wrong reasons this week.  Molly Hagerty, a 54 year old massage therapist, claims that Gore made unwanted sexual advances towards her during a massage at an Oregon hotel four years ago.  The massage took place at the upscale Hotel Lucia on Oct. 23, 2006 and was costing over $500.  She claims Gore became aggressive with her and would not take no for an answer.  In a scene from the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky days she kept the pants she was wearing hoping to obtain DNA evidence.  Unfortunately those tests were inconclusive.  The fact that four years have passed, Gore has never been charged, and she revealed her story to the National Enquirer makes you believe she is looking for a quick pay day.  If the events told by Hagerty are true it is sad that no justice will ever be seen.

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