Hell’s Kitchen Elimination

June 29, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7

Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Chef Ramsey pulled double duty on a two hour episode.  During the first hour of the show the hopeful chefs had to prepare dinner for a 50th wedding anniversary party.  This included some table side food preparation, a fish dish, meat, and a tipping cake.  After the red team lost yet another night in the kitchen two members were brought up for elimination.  Chef Ramsey wasn’t having any of it and made an executive decision and called up Salvatore Copolla and after weeks of awful performances he was sent packing.  In the second hour of the show the chefs once again got ready to impress and failed miserably . The blue team was hung over from a wine tasting victory prize from the previous day and the red team thought they would have an easy go of it defeating a sloppy opponent.  Unfortunately both teams were awful and were kicked out of the kitchen.  Each team was asked to nominate two contestants for elimination.  Chef had plenty to say, but in the end went with Siobhan Allgood who showed some potential, but had no confidence in her abilities.

Salvatore Copolla eliminated from Season 7 Hell's Kitchen

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