Janelle Evans was 16, Pregnant, and High

February 17, 2010

Janelle Evans is one of the young ladies on the MTV reality show 16 & Pregnant.  Teen pregnancy is nothing new, but MTV has now made it into a possible stepping stone into reality television for some lucky little teens.  Well Janelle is making headlines not because she was a teen mom, but because she admitted to smoking marijuana during her pregnancy.  Not only that she says her doctor recommended it to help with nausea.  Having just welcomed my first child into the world in December I can’t recall our OB saying that is you feel a bit queasy just take a few puffs and you will be good to go.

Since the news of her smoking habit went more mainstream Janelle has been playing a bit of damage control.  She has taken her YouTube videos, which show some drug use, and made them private.  She has deleted her Formspring account where she answered questions about her use of illegal drugs during pregnancy.

Some of the Q&A:

Q: i dont get how any mother can smoke weed when they are prego and endanger there child like that. please tell me that one.

A: uhmm… drinking while yr prego is WAY WORSE then smokin a lil bud. and some doctors even RECOMMEND TO THEIR PATIENTS that they should smoke if they are nauseous

Q: i dont think that any doctor has recommended that a prego woman smokes weed when they are prego. what are you high now. get a grip on reality!

A: really? my doctor recommended it.

Q: mahybe if you stop spending all your money on drugs then you would have more money to spend on your son dumba$$. and my daughter is the happiest kid tht you will ever met.

A: i dont buy weed or cigs, never. my friends support my habit for me. :] i bet if social services seen yr TRUE LIFE yu would get her taken away forever and ever. stop being a lil b*tch and grow up.

More Q&A and some pictures can be found here!

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