Party with The Jersey Shore guidos

December 22, 2009

If you ever want to feel part of an MTV reality show this your chance.  The cast of The Jersey Shore is milking their 15 minutes like no other cast member in recent memory by charging crazy appearance fees to party with you.  You want your very own chance to re-enact the now famous Snookie punch – well that will cost you $2000.  How about having Mike The Situation come show you his abs and make you take a grenade for him – well that will furn you $7500.  Keep reading for the rest of the crazy prices you have to pay to get with JWOW and the other tan housemates.

You want DJ Pauly to show you how to beat the beats and blow out your hair just so well that will also cost you $7500 – no word if you get more than one guido if you get a discount, free tanning, or the sleep with your mother.  Now Ronnie and Vinnie are $3500 each which I don’t get because Ronnie is too busy crying lately and Vinnie is the invisible cast member.  JWow is the new hot item and will run you $5000 which might include her doing you and leaving you for dead…no promises though.

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