Tiger’s pack grows to seven women

December 7, 2009


The fallout from Tiger Woods’ car accident is still growing as more women keep coming forward claiming to have had an affair with the golfer.  Along with Rachel Uchitel and Jamie Grubbs five more women have bow been added to the list of ladies Tiger was roaming around with behind his wife’s back.

So far the ladies include:

  • Rachel Uchitel – event planner, club promoter and model
  • Jamie Grubbs – cocktail waitress and two bit reality show reject
  • Cori Rist – New York club gal, divorce, and mother of one caught in a custody dispute with her ex
  • Mindy Lawton a 33 year old pancake-house waitress from Orlando was released back into the wild by Woods in 2007
  • Kalika Moquin a 27 year old club chick from Las Vegas
  • Jamie Jungers worked for Trashy Girls lingerie and entertainment says she met Woods in Vegas and has sold her story already
  • An unidentified cocktail waitress is also being reported as having been with the once unblemished star
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