Jaimee Grubbs is Tiger’s other woman

December 2, 2009


Tiger Woods might have gotten off with a small fine and a ticket for his car accident the other night, but the fallout from the incident could cost him millions.  The once squeaky clean Woods has now been tied to another woman who is claiming she had an affair with the golfer after a meeting in Vegas a couple of years ago.  Jaimee Grubbs, a reject from the VH1 reality show Tool Academy, has come forward to claim her 15 minutes of fame.  She has claimed to have over 300 steamy text messages, and a voicemail (check it out on the next page) from Woods claiming his wife had found out about the affair.  The original woman at the center of the scandal, Rachel Uchitel, is still denying and inappropriate activities with the married golfer and has stated that the rumor was started by a friend of a friend.  Check out 6 pictures of Jaimee on the flip…

So far Nike has come forward saying the support Woods and that makes sense since he isn’t just a spokesman for the brand he is a cash cow for Nike Golf.  His other endorsement deals have yet to be so open about sticking with him.  If any of his deals are dropped due to the scandal it could cost Woods millions in endorsement money.  That is a steep price to pay for a girl that was dumped by a guy on Tool Academy.

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