Rachel Uchitel arrives at LAX

November 30, 2009

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel, the rumored mistress and real cause of his recent car accident, arrived at LAX today.  Of course she has denied ever having a relationship with the golfer, but is flying out to Los Angeles and hiring a well known entertainment lawyer the best way to go about things?  Why not lay low for a couple of weeks and just avoid the press?  Oh you can make yourself some serious money by being seen all over the place and if you are lucky land a Playboy spread.  I am pretty sure that is on page 10 of Heidi Montag’s book on how to get famous.  Good Luck!  18 more pictures of Rachel on the next page..

Tiger has yet to speak with police, but the police have reportedly requested a warrant to look into stories of a domestic abuse situation.  It is now believed that Tiger and his wife had an argument and that she went after him with a golf club — not to get him out of his car, but to do some damage.  You would think with all the people around Tiger handling his career this would have been handled a lot better and kept as quiet as possible.

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