Susan Finkelstein loves her Phillies (Photo)

October 28, 2009

Susan Finkelstein Mugshot

Susan Finkelstein wanted to see her Phillies in the World Series so much she couldn’t even wait to buy tickets.  She took to the internet and went looking for a new way to barter for seats.  her method – a sex for tickets ad on Criagslist.  Only problem with that process is it is illegal to trade sex for tickets and that is what she found out when police responded to her ad.  The 43 year old was arrested after offering to performs certain acts with the officer for two seats to the game.  Not only will she not be going to a game, she was charged with multiple criminal offenses, had her mug shot go national, and even made the front page of the Post.  Philly must be proud to have this woman as the face of their team going into game 1 tonight in the Bronx!

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