Maia Campbell from In The House to drugs

September 3, 2009

Maia Campbell was once an actress and model on the rise. She starred in the LL Cool J comedy In The House for 76 episodes as Tiffany Warren, had roles in several movies, and various television shows.  She also did work in music videos and came from a well respected family. Her father is Bebe Moore Campbell and Tiko Campbell an architect and author from Washington, D.C.   However, rumors of a bi-polar disorder, the stealing o a friend’s car, drug use, and prostitution rumors have surrounded her for several years now.  A video hit the web today showing Maia in a car seemingly high on an unknown substance.


video and pictures on the flip

Making the story even more upsetting is that Maia is the mother of a young daughter named Elizabeth.  You would think she would have had some friends in Hollywood still that cared enough o try and help he troubled former actress,

YouTube Preview Image

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