In Theaters August 28, 2009

August 28, 2009

This weekend is all about blood, guts, peace, and love at the movies with three releases that should get people into theaters.  Rob Zombie takes another stab at Michael Myers in the graphic re-imagination of Halloween II, Final Destination is back with a new group of teens trying to outwit death in 3D, and Taking Woodstock takes you back to the high times in upstate New York.


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Halloween II


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What has become common with horror films their was no pre-screening of this film for critics so you won’t see any professional reviews until later today or tomorrow, but if you are a horror fan do you really care what they think?  The first Rob Zombie Halloween was dark, violent, and creepy – is there any reason to think that his second version will be anything less than what it set out to be – a twisted horror movie?

Final Destination 3D


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You knew death would come knocking again as this franchise continues to pull in money on DVD.  This time a group of young adults hit up some NASCAR only to have on member of the group see their death after a violent car crash.  His friends of course leave thinking he is nuts, only to see his vision some true second later.  How are these people connected to the people who have died in previous version is something we will have to wait to find out, but it’s in 3D so it should be a fun ride.  I will be seeing this film tonight because my wife is a horror freak and has been looking forward to this movie for a few months.  I will let you know how it is after I see it.

Taking Woodstock


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Taking Woodstock was screened for the critics so their are some reviews and they are good, but nothing out of this world.  The movie depicts a young man working at his parents motel in upstate New York who inadvertently sets in motion what will become a generation changing event – Woodstock.  I have no desire to see this movie since I am too young for the Woodstock generation, but I expect to have a decent of not impressive showing this weekend.

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