Tasered mom sues cops

August 14, 2009

Audra Harmon was driving with her children when she was pulled over by an Onondaga County police officer for speeding and talking on a cell phone while driving.  Now most people will put up a little fight, take the ticket, and go to court to fight it.  However, Harmon decided to get out of her car and follow the office because she wanted to see the tape from the police car’s video camera.  Well that isn’t going to happen and the officer ordered Harmon back inside her car.  After that he tasered the mother twice and arrested her for disorderly conduct.  She is now suing and  seeking unspecified monetary damages on an array of charges including false arrest and police brutality.  Sure maybe the cop went a bit overboard with the taser, but you can never assume any person is not going to attempt to harm you can unless you are told to get out of your car stay inside.  Watch the video and you can see what the argument is about.

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