Michael Vick gets second chance with the Eagles

August 14, 2009


Michael Vick served his time in prison, lost millions of dollars, lost all of his current and future endorsements, and now he will get a second chance to prove himself as a person and a football player in Philadelphia.  The Eagles inked Vick to a two year contract last night that could pay the former highlight reel quarterback nearly $10 million.


The contract pays Vick $1.6 million for the first year so we can assume that is all he will se in Philadelphia unless he proves himself since NFL contracts are not guaranteed.  The second year option increases his salary to $5.2 million and he can also earn $3 million in incentives over that time.  The fact that Vick will be playing in the city that booed Santa Claus, turns on Donovan McNabb weekly, and have two decent backup quarterbacks might be tough.  Vick will be allowed to play in the final two preseason games and can return no later than week 6 of the NFL season.  If McNabb struggles and Vick has shown some excitement in the Wildcat formation look for fans to start calling for number 7.  Vick deserves a second chance, but he will need to prove himself off the field to quite the loudest critics.

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