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In Theaters August 14, 2009

In Theaters August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009


Today in theaters we have a little something for everyone.  Into aliens coming to earth, but not for an invasion you have District 9.  Miss High School Musical and got caught up in the latest Vanessa Hudgens photo scandal you have Band Slam.  Can’t get enough of Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold on Entourage well see how Ari would do selling cars in The Goods.  And for those that wished Back to the Future was a romance you have The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Turn the page for trailers and up to date reviews before you head out to the movies!



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Reviews: From reading various reviews online it seems that District 9 might be the surprise hit of the summer.  The original take on aliens coming to Earth will create a new movie experience in the genre.  In this film aliens arrive on earth and are settled in District 9 of South Africa by a company looking to learn about its weapons.  After years on Earth they try to evict the aliens and move them to a new location and that is when all hell breaks loose.


Band Slam

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Reviews: Vanessa Hudgens will try to escape her HSM shadow the way Zac Efron did in 17 Again by not venturing too far from the comfort of high school or music.  Luckily Vanessa seems to have herself a winner with this film and reviewers seem to like a more rocking Vanessa Hudgens.  Expect the HSM fan base to flock to theaters to see this film and if you enjoyed her in that you will no doubt like her in this.  Read the reviews here.


The Goods

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Reviews: Given a solid ensemble cast, solid backing, and a lot of improv you would hope this film would push some limits on the R rated comedy field, but reviews say it falls short.  Not enough solid humor, lines that fall flat, and an almost uncomfortable feel make this one a matinee cheap ticket event.  Reviews all come across with the same feeling that this film could have been better, but just isn’t.


The Tim Traveler’s Wife

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Reviews: Based off the best selling novel of the same name this would be tear jerker is getting some more laughs than expected.  Reviews have been a bit all over the place from OK to horrible, but if you are looking for another Notebook don’t look here.  The movie has it’s moment, some obvious teary scenes that will get some in the audience, but if you bring your guy with you expect to hear some laughing.  Some reviews have stated that this might be the best unintentional comedy of the summer.  Go with a group of girlfriends and you will probably enjoy it…go on a date and it will probably cause a fight.

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