Dayana Mendoza sexy Maxim Photos

August 14, 2009


Dayana Mendoza, the current Miss Universe, is featured in the September 2009 issue of Maxim magazine in some very racy photos.  Now you might think this would cause a storm of controversy because past pageant winners involved in photo scandals have had to relinquish their crowns. Carrie Prejean, Katie Rees, Danielle Lloyd, Vanessa Williams all lost their  titles after some racy photos surfaced,   but don’t worry because this pictures were provided by the Miss Universe Organization.

The next Miss Universe Pageant takes place in the Bahamas on August 23rd so they felt releasing the photos of the outgoing Miss U would be in the best interest of furthering Mendoza’s career.  It does seem like a double standard that you want these women to hold on to a very conservative image, but the photo shoots they are involved in contain racy pictures.  The reps for the Miss Universe Organization stated that they were fine with the images being released because it was a magical moment that created a wonderful shot.  Sure and it has nothing to do with trying to get some extra rating for your show airing in nine days???

[source: Maxim]

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