Sara Stokes arrested for stabbing husband

August 11, 2009

Sara Stokes Mug Shot

Sara Stokes was once an aspiring singer that appeared on Diddy’s Making the Band 2, but today she is facing assault charges for stabbing her husband in front of her three children.  The mug shot of Sara what could be interpreted as an abused woman that was protecting herself, but that is not the case.  According to reports, and a statement from her lawyer, Sara fell down and hit her head on the ground after an argument with her husband. She then grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the arm.  She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.  Of course her lawyer put a nice spin on it by saying that the couple of passionate and that the husband was injured trying to help Sara up from her fall.  Sure, makes sense that a knife would be involved in that process.

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