NY Post banned from ESPN over Erin Andrews coverage

July 24, 2009


Unless you have been living under a rock the last week you are aware of the story about ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews and an illegally obtained peephole video that went viral this week.  Apparently ESPN is so upset with the coverage given to the story in the NY Post that they have banned any Post reporter from ESPN shows.


ESPN is trying to throw blame around over the video, but should be looking in its own legal department.  David Pahl, the lawyer from ESPN that asked a website to remove the video originally, basically outed Andrews.  The post in question didn’t contain ESPN or the name of Erin Andrews, but hinted that the blurry video resembled a popular sports reporter.  The videos had been online since February and no one seemed to care so why all of the sudden did ESPN lawyers decide to get involved?  This story could have been dealt with quietly behind the scenes if ESPN would have taken a moment before issuing a cease and desist order to a blog.  What is even more amazing is that the best in depth research on the story has come from DonChavez.com and not the big networks, big newspapers, or the the folks at ESPN.

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