Janet Jackson wants Michael’s kids

July 15, 2009

Janet Jackson fights for custody

It’s no secret that the Jackson clan is a bit on the dysfunctional side so it is important that Michael’s children go with a stable adult and that just might be Janet Jackson.  Katherine Jackson was named guardian in Michael’s will, but she is 79 years old and has some financial issues to deal with.  Not to mention the possibility of exposing the kids to papa Joe and his dreams of a new Jackson 3 group.


According to some reports Janet has thrown her name in to the brewing custody battle for Paris, Prince, and Blanket.  Janet has the advantage of being very successful, not having financial issues, and seemed to be the closest sibling to Michale over the years – especially since she didn’t need his help financially. With the remaining members of the Jackson 5 in talks to start a reality show and now pushing for more cash since the death of Michael having the kids around that would be a bad idea.  Stay tuned as more news unfolds.

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