Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Bullrun Rally

July 11, 2009

Kim Kardashian black jumpsuit and gree flag

Kim Kardashian made a hot day in New York City a lot hotter today when she appeared at the 2009 Bullrun Rally in an all black from fitting jumpsuit.  Kim was acting as the flag girl for the event and doing some posing with the PepsiMax car – one o the sponsors.

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The Bullrun Rally occurs every year happens every year and features high priced cars driving from city to city.  Think of it as a corporate sponsored Cannonball Run…just with Burt Reynolds.  This event started off today at the Gansevoort Hotel, where my wife was out drinking yesterday and didn’t see squat, which is a hot party spot for celebs.  Kim hasn’t been showing off the curves lately so maybe someone told hr to get the money maker back in action.  Who ever that person was I think you.

[source: INF Daily]
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