Michael Jackson buried without a brain

July 9, 2009


Michael Jackson might have been at the gold plated casket at his memorial, but his brain is still at the coroners office awaiting more tests.


Considering the death certificate for Jackson states that Forest Lawn Cemetary is a temporary location for the singer’s body we can assume that at some point his brain will be reunited with his body.¬† The reason why the brain was kept was that it must harden before certain tests can be performed. Rumors of Jackson being buried at Neverland seem to by losing steam as the family has applied for a burial certificate for Los Angeles County – which does not include the Neverland location.¬† New reports have surfaced¬† about an attempted and failed intervention by the family to get Michael off of drugs, Michael’s use of Diprivan while on tour, and being aided by an anesthesiologist to bring him down and back up from sleep.

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