Michael Jackson’s mother loses control of estate

July 6, 2009

Katherine Jackson loses control of son's estate

In what will be the first of many legal decision made with regards to the estate of Michael Jackson his mother has lost control of the estate after a judge ruled that the 2002 will is legitimate.  In the will Michael Jackson named attorney John Branca and veteran music executive John McClain are executors of his estate.

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The judge enforced the will stating that someone needs to be in charge of the $500 million estate.  The 2002 will splits the estate between Katherine and his three children.  The Rv. Al Sharpton took this decision as a signal to bring more attention to himself by saying:

“I think it has been very insensitive, particularly to this family, that you would even schedule a court hearing on the status of the mother the day before she has to go to the cemetery for her son,” Sharpton said. “I mean, it’s almost insulting.” via

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