Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi possible murder suicide

July 5, 2009

Did Sahel Kazemi murder Steve McNair

Sahel Kazemi was the reported girlfriend of Steve McNair and her cause of death has still not been determined.  A press conference in Tennessee stated that Steve McNair’s cause of death has been listed as a homicide, but Kazemi’s is still undetermined.  McNair, who as married with four sons to Mechelle McNair, has been dating Kazemi for several months according to her ex boyfriend Keith Norfleet.

McNair met his 20 year old girlfriend while she was working at Dave & Busters as a waitress. The fact that the condo where the bodies were found show no signs of forced entry, a weapon was found at the scene, and that Kazemi only had a single gunshot would to the side of the head is causing many to lean towards a love gone wrong.  More information will be available as the medical examiner gets test results back.

Steve McNair murdered

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