Michael Jackson Updates on his Will, Death, Funeral, and Children

June 30, 2009


With the non-stop media coverage about the death of Michale Jackson it is nearly impossible to keep up on new details emerging about what will happen to this estate, children, funeral, and anythign else you can imagine.

  • A public viewing of Jackson will take place Friday at Neverland Ranch [CNN]
  • The biological father of Prince I and Paris has been identified as Arnold Klein, Jackson’s L.A.-based dermatologist and Rowe’s former boss [US]
  • Reports are coming that Debbie Rowe might not be the biological mother of Prince I and Paris [TMZ]
  • Jackson does have a will from 2002 that splits his estate between his children, his mother, and at least one charity [E! Online]
  • No decision has been made as to where Jackson will be laid to rest, but rumors include Neverland Ranch and Gary, IN
  • Jackson’s $500 million debt could be covered by his assets which include his own and Beatles masters
  • Official cause of death not expected for quite some time
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