Michael Jackson disturbing autopsy details

June 29, 2009


The sudden passing of Michael Jackson is becoming more clear as autopsy details are slowing being leaked to the press.  These details paint a sad picture of a pop icon that was once on top of the world and was reduced to a shell of his former self in later years.

  • Jackson weighed 112 pounds at the time of his death
  • His hips, shoulders, and thighs were riddled with needle marks from presumed painkiller injections
  • His stomach contained no food – only semi digested pills
  • His face was heavily scarred from 13 plastic surgeries
  • He had no hair on his head
  • There were four injection wounds in his chest from, what is though to b, an attempt to inject adrenaline in an attempt to revive him
  • He had four broken ribs from the marathon CPR session

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, is cooperating with police in their investigation. his lawyer has already come out and stated that the doctor never prescribed pain meds for the singer and if he was taking anything it was not known to Dr. Murray.  The Jackson family ordered an independent autopsy and that was also performed this weekend.

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