Elisabeth Hasselbeck sued for plagiarism

June 24, 2009


Elisabeth Hasselbeck, star of the ABC daytime talk show The View, is in some hot water after accusations that part of  her diet book is plagiarized which has led to a lawsuit.  Hasselbeck’s book, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, is said to have word for word excerpts from Susan Hassett’s book on the same subject, Living with Celiac Disease.  To make maters worse for Elizabeth is that Susan apparently sent her a copy of her work in order to help raise awareness for the disease.  In Hasselbeck’s defense she did state that her book paraphrases and in some instances uses word for word portions of other books that are part of her research.  I just don’t understand why a reality show contestant and talk show host would have to copy other people in order to write a book about a medical condition.  I would think she would have enough knowledge to perform open heart surgery since she is on television.  Good luck at trial!

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