TR Knight gone from Grey’s

May 28, 2009


According to reports Grey’s Anatomy star TR Knight will not be returning to the show next season.  Now this shouldn’t be a huge shock considernig he was flat lining in the series finale, but for those of you hoping for a mircale save from McDreamy you can forget it.  Apparently Knight has requested that he be let out of his contract after growing increasingly frustrated over lack of screen time and any sort of developed story line for his character.  As for Katherine Hiegl and her Izzy character that is still up in the air.  Thought she may be knocking on death’s door in the finale she has said put her name in the running for this year’s Emmy awards.  Maybe she believes an Emmy would help solidify her as a more bankable star that can command some higher salaries.  We will just have to wait on that one.

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