Who was eliminated on American Idol?

May 13, 2009


Who was sent home on the May 13, 2009 elimination episode of American Idol Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen were forced to sit through an hour of fill time that included a young African boy singing, Jordan Sparks performing her new song Battlefield, and Katy Perry dressed up as Elvis.   I personally hope Adam Lambert is sent home because I am tired of his screaming every song and high pitched yell – yes a yell!  Kris Allen has the most star potential is he loosens up a little bit, but I think he has the most potential.  I do think that all three o these guys will go the way of Taylor, Ruben, Fantasia with a decent first CD followed by being dropped by a label and trying to find a career on Broadway.    For one more week though we get to enjoy two of these guys again.  Who as bounced???

Danny Gokey


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