Daisy de la Hoya did not OD

May 8, 2009


Daisy de la Hoya, the runner up in Rock of Love season 2 and current star of Daisy of Love, was reportedly involved in an overdose attempt this morning according to TMZ.   The gossip site has reports of 911 being summoned to look in on Daisy who was apparently acting crazy and slurring words.  Her PR team was quick to pounce on this story though.  The have come out with a follow-up saying there was no overdose attempt and that Daisy was just really tired.  According to E! she was treated at the hospital for delirium brought on by exhaustion.  I mean being a fourth rate reality star on VH1 isn’t easy and just watching that show is painful. Can you imagine actually having to film an entire season of it?  See more hot pics of Daisy here!

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