Adam Lambert has a fan

May 8, 2009


Adam Lambert is the current favorite to take home the crown on season 8 of American Idol and follow in the footsteps of other failed winner like Taylor Hicks, Fantasia, and Reuben Studdard.  He will do his initial single, a CD seven months later, and be on Broadway within two years.  Anyway…he was back home at his old high school for the top three homecoming special when a female fan rushed the stage in her bra.  Now I don’t know if anyone told her, but Adam is gay.  Women wonder why they can’t find the right guy…ummmm try going after guys that like the boobs.  He was not scared like Britney was when confronted by an over excited fan and even gave her a shout out before finishing up his two song set.

More from Adam on he flip..

[source: Splash News]

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