Shaheen Jafargholi steals spotlight from Boyle

April 20, 2009

Just a few days ago Susan Boyle was a shoe in to win the current season of Britain’s Got Talent, but we might have to hold on to that thought a bit longer.  Last night a 12 year old boy wowed the crowd with his Motown-like voice.  Shaheen Jafargholi, like Boyle, didn’t impress right away, but that all changed very quickly.  Shaheen’s original selection was to sing Valarie, but was told to stop a couple of notes in by Simon Cowell.  He was asked to sing something else because Simon felt he had it all wrong.  Well Simon was right because that weak beginning was followed by a perfect rendition of the Who’s Loving You – a young Michael Jackson classic.  The performance got the crowd on its feet and in the end even received a standing ovation from Cowell himself!

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