Bikini Girl follows the money

March 24, 2009

Katrina Darrell is Bikini Girl from AI

Katrina Darrell might not have made it to the big stage on American Idol, but she is the early breakout winner for capitalizing on her 15 minutes.  Katrina, better known as Bikini Girl and for kissing Ryan Seacrest, was eliminated from the competition weeks ago, but has stayed in the public eye by showing off her body.  She hosted a party at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Vegas.  Granted hosting a party in the Casino strip mall is like being a headliner at TGI Friday’s, but at least she is making money now instead of saying I’m just going to wait and see where my music takes me.  I can’t imagine Playboy being that far down the road.

[source: Newscom]

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