Miracle on the Hudson

January 15, 2009

US Air Flight 1549 was supposed to be a short from flight LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, North Carolina, but after a mid air bird strike that took out both engines it appeared the day would end in tragedy.  The pilot, Chelsey B. “Sully” Sullenberger, radioed that he had lost engines and was apparently going to try and return to the airport. When that was determined to not be an option he made a decision that saved the lives of all 155 people aboard the plane – set the plane down in the frigid Hudson River.  The pilot told the passengers to brace for impact prior to landing and made, what can only be described, as a perfect water landing.  Passengers scrambled for the exits and worked together to deploy emergency sleds over the wings as they awaited for help to arrive.  At the end of the day their were no fatalities, a couple of broken bones, and a lot of frayed nerves. For more on the story and continuing updates head over to CNN.

[source: Splash News]
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