Lingerie football scandal

December 30, 2008

You would think that a woman that makes a living tacking other women dressed in skimpy lingerie would be open to some naughty photos.  Well if you are Melissa Jo Berry, a rookie linebacker with the Tampa Breeze, you aren’t happy with nude photos being shopped around by your ex.  Melissa’s ex, Mark Dawson, is being sued for $15,000 after allegedly e-mailing the nude pictures to her friends and mother.  Melissa has taken part in Ms.Bikini Universe and Model Universe, but never wanted her personal pictures spread around.  Maybe one day people will learn that a naked picture can hit the net the second you break up with someone one.  Good luck getting that money Melissa.  Check out more of her on the flip, on her mySpace page, her work at TeenyB bikinis, and her model page.

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