KFC Bubble Bath is bad for business

December 14, 2008

Who doesn’t love some Kentucky Fried Chicken in these harsh economic times?  An affordable meal for a family of four is not something you want to lose, but after three employees posted images of themselves in a KFC commercial sink taking a bath you might rethink your dinner plans.  The employees of the Anderson, CA location were apparently closing the store one night when the decided to strip down to their underwear and bikinis, guess this was planned, and hopped into the big steel sink to enjoy some bubbles.  The images were discovered on one of the employees’ mySpace pages and has led to their dismissal from the chicken franchise.  It is for the best because I think they were enjoying the original recipe a bit too much.  Another bright note from this incident….the sink manufacturer has to be proud that their sink can support some serious weight.  These images are reminiscent of a Burger King employee celebrating his birthday in the same manner.

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