AnnaLynne McCord can work at IKEA

December 8, 2008

It looks like AnnaLynne McCord is getting ready for a new career in case 90210 gets the axe after a disappointing season.  McCord was out with her sister Rachael doing a little shopping spree at IKEA. Now I am not interior designer, but IKEA is the place you go to shop when you are trying to get into a fight.  How many stores do you go to where you walk around,  write down a bunch of numbers, and get to then go play warehouse worker when you lift heavy boxes?  Maybe she should try and work out a better deal and she can move it up to Pottery Barn in season two.  On another note she was spotted eating an IKEA dog so the cast of 90210 does eat.

[source: Pacific Coast News]
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