Tina Sherman sues McDonald’s over Nude Pictures

November 23, 2008

Tina Sherman has learned a valuable lesson about sending naughty photos of herself to her husband. Sherman is suing McDonald’s after she took nude pictures and sent them to her husband’s cell phone.  Only problem is her husband left his phone at the fast food chain.  What happened next you as?  Well the always courteous and professional teens working behind the counter found the phone and did what was necessary to find the real owner.  They forwarded the pictures around to see if anyone could identify the naked woman.  Sure they could have dialed wife or home from the contacts, but what fun would that be?  Now Tina and Phil are suing the Golden Arches for $3 million after the images got out on the Internet.  Seriously for $3 million she must be crazy hot because Playboy only gives like $500,000 for a guest shot.

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