Crystal Gunns is the best teacher’s aide ever

November 21, 2008

The parents of student at D’Ippolito Elementary School in Vineyard, New Jersey are not happy that a teacher’s aide working their has a porn past.  Louisa Tuck, formerly known as adult entertainment star Crystal Gunns (Crystal Guns),  Parents are calling for her removal from the school because they feel she isn’t appropriate for elementary school children – maybe she should try high school kids?  Now there are no grounds for firing Louisa for having a past life that involved being naked so she will probably keep her job and I say good for you Ms. Gunns.  Louisa was originally an average size B-cup, but with the help of modern medicine and breast implants she ballooned herself up to a crazy 36FF chest.  She makes the bikini boat teacher, Tiffany Shepherd,  and the teacher from Howard Stern, Mary Jarry. look like angles!

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