NBC cancels Lipstick Jungle

November 13, 2008

Say goodbye to your lawyer, fashion designer, and recently fired movie executive because NBC is pulling the plug on the most hyped show on its network – Lipstick Jungle.  The Candice Bushnell inspired drama/comedy was supposed to be a highly rated spin-off to Sex and the City, but a writers strike and lousy rating put a stop to that in a hurry.  This wasn’t a surprise and after they moved the show to the worst line-up location for a show ever – Friday nights- you knew the end was near.  No ward if any filmed episodes will be aired or if they will just cut their losses.  Look for the complete series on DVD for Christmas!


NBC has announced they will complete th 13 episode oder for this season an will consider letting the show live on if it shows some growth in the final weeks.  They aren’t making it easy with the show returning in 2 weeks and now on at 9PM instead of 10PMon Friday.  I dont know why they didn’t leave it on Wednesday night when it has no competition.

Did you see it tonight?  No way she is keeping that baby!  Kirby was a bit of a tool though…I dind’t like that side of the character.

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