Jennifer Aniston says Jolie was uncool in Vogue

November 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston is finally standing up for herself now that she is nearly 40 years old and her ex has a small village of children with Angelina Jolie.  Aniston discusses everything from her new movie with Ben Affleck to her feelings about Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt.  She did finally say something about the whole incident when asked.  She said she read a Vogue article where Jolie said the romance started on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while Pitt and Aniston were still married, and that she couldn’t wait to get to work everyday. That is where Aniston fires back with the uncool comment. It’s obvious she was crushed by the betrayal and I think that is why she has yet to find another true love again.  She is still just as gorgeous as she was when she showed up on Friends so I hope she finds what she is looking for.

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