No room for childish cheerleaders in the NFL (photos)

November 5, 2008

Caitlin Davis was on top of the cheerleading world earlier this year.  The 18 year old Foxboro High graduate had just made it onto the squad of the New England Patriots…she went from high school to the pros just like Kobe and Lebron!  However her time with the Patriots only lasted 9 weeks because the team has no room on it for childish antics.  Pictures of Caitlin writing on a passed out male friend appeared online this week and the images were not in line with the Patriots way of thinking.  Caitlin was seen with her Shaprie and not so nice things drawn on the passed out friend.  No this is what most of us call a right of passage in college.  I mean you pass out drunk you are fair game for shaving, writing, taping, posing, etc… So Caitlin you can come cheer for me anytime you like! Oh by the way the in the bikini picture Caitlin is on the right.

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