Bikini teacher Tiffany Shepherd does Tyra

October 31, 2008

You might remember Tiffany Shepherd from back in April when she made national news for claiming she was fired for wearing a bikini while working for Smokin’ Em Charters as a bikini mate.  Well Tiffany appeared on the Tyra Banks show this week to discuss the firing and why she believes it happened. Tiffany is still working for the charter company since she has not regained a teaching job in the Port St. Lucie area in Florid.  Tiffany believes that a jealous co-worker might have alerted the school about her second job and that led to rumors that Tiffany might have other websites or that she might be involved in porn.  She flatly denies any other word besides chatting with customers and serving drinks.  We support you Tiffany!

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