Ashley Todd political attack or hoax

October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd from College Station, TX is making national headlines after telling Pittsburgh police that she was a victim of a mugging that was also a political attack.  Ashley claims that a mugger, described as a 6’4″, 200lb black man in dark clothing, robbed her at $60 at knifepoint, slapped her, and carved a backwards B in her face.  Now questions are being raised if she is actually telling the truth or if this is an elaborate political hoax.  She stated that the attack was initiated when the mugger noticed a McCain sticker on her car.  Thoughts of a hoax have come up because she failed to report the incident to police right away, the B in her face is backwards as if it was done while looking in a mirror, the would is very shallow which could indicate she did it herself and was afraid to cut deep, and the police never took a photo of her.  So the questions becomes who took the picture and circulated it so close to the election?  More will come of this story in the next couple of days.

****Update –  Ashley Todd has confessed to making up the story about being attacked.  Pictures from the ATM proved she was not even there at the alleged time of the assault.  So not only did she make up the claim, she is now facing charges of filing a false police report, and is now has a solid lead for the Darwin Awards by carving a backwards “B” on her face.  Good job Ashley! ****

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