Miss Teen Louisiana Lindsey Evans Busted (Photos)

October 21, 2008

Add Miss Teen Louisiana 2008, Lindsey Evans, to the list of disgraced beauty queens.  Lindsey joins a list that includes form Miss Las Vegas Katie Rees, Miss Washington Elyse Umemoto, Miss USA Tara Conner, and Miss Kentucky by getting arrested after dine and dash on a $46.07 bill.  Oh it gets better because Lindsey got away with the dine and dash, but she forgot her purse and was arrested when she returned to the restaurant to retrieve it!!  As if the dine and dash wasn’t embarrassing enough she was also booked with possession of marijuana that was found in her purse to go along with the theft charge .Her reign as Miss Teen Louisiana end in five weeks and no word has been released on if she will be stripped of her crown before her term ends.  I guess during the bikini and evening gown category they didn’t go over the proper way to get away with a crime.  At least she can add her new mug shot to her portfolio,

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