Lizzy Caplan new True Blood hottie (Photos)

October 20, 2008

Lizzy Caplan is probably best known for her role as the exploding friend Marlena in the J.J. Abrams movie Cloverfield.  She also co-strarred in the short lived CBS comedy The Class in 2006-2007 where she starred as Kat Warbler alongside Jason Ritter.  Well now she is jumping into the headlines after an over the top sexy appearance on the new HBO vampire series True Blood.  If you are familiar with the show Lizzy’s character is a bit of an earthy girl that meets Jason in a vampire bar and becomes his new source for V – vampire blood.  She snorts some blood with Jason and the pair end up in a very trippie love scene that was quite entertaining.  Lizzy describes her new role on True Blood as someone that is really screwed up, but has some odd belief in nature and sees everything as connected.  Not sure how long she will be on the show, but I expect her character to stick around for a few weeks until things turn ugly.

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