Saw V prank phone call site pulled after police warning

October 17, 2008

The Saw movie franchise has become a Halloween tradition and now they have made things so scary police have issued warnings about a viral marketing campaign for the movie.  A SAW V site, which has since been pulled from the movie site, would allow you to send someone a phone call or create a voicemail using the voice of Jigsaw – this went by Saw V Varitalk.  The site would call a number between the hours of 9-5 EST as to avoid middle of the night calls.  The system worked by entering your the name you were calling and your name.  The following message would be said when the phone was answered:

“Hello, (your name). Do you want to play a game? You think it’s over but the games have just begun. I’m here with your friend, (your friend’s name). My work will continue in a way you never saw coming. You won’t believe how it ends. Let the game begin.”

Now I tried this out the other day and thought it was pretty cool and used it to call some friends that are fans of the movie – they got a good laugh, but sending this to your 80 year old grandmother might not be the best idea.  I guess police warning can~t hurt a horror film though.

Check Out The Saw Red Band Trailer Here

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